The Smallandlord app can also help the landlords to manage the relationship with the contractors they normally use. Most landlords, if not all, like the rent collection part but don’t like the repairing or maintenance part that is always costy. However it’s a fundamental part of a landlords’ business. It’s always a hassle to find a trustworthy and affordable contractor when there is a need. It’s especially stressful to pick up an urgent call from your tenants when you are in vacation while away from your desk. With the easy-to-manage interface, you can always access the contact information of your contractors, give them a call or email them from within this app no matter where you are and when it is. You can tract the activity you have done with the contractor for example, request quote from them, place work order with them and review them. All these management work could be done within just several taps. Samllandlord will also be able to recommend contractors, insurers and eviction attorneys, etc. for landlords soon.

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